segatrici a nastro per blocchi legno cemento

CCE 650 Band saw

Product specifications

It makes straight and transversal cuts with precision, dry without water, and is capable of inclined cuts both to the left and right of the blade thanks to its Graduated Square Ruler.

Cuts are made dry without water and, if used at low speed, reduces noise and dust thanks to the suction nozzle through which it is possible to insert a vacuum cleaner to minimise dust.

For movement, the machine has a set of wheels and rudder, which make it easily transportable by a single person, or through the lifting ring located at the top of the machine.

Technical data

Single phase 230 V – Kw 1,85
Three-phase 400 V – Kw 1,85
Effective cut – altezza cm 65
Effective cut – larghezza cm 42
Effective cut – lunghezza cm 66
Sliding surface cm 71×106
Flywheel diameter: 440 mm
Widia Blade Widia 34×4120 mm
Wheels Ø 200 mm – Peso Kg. 207

Noise level:
– Gasbeton cut 74 dB(A)
Automatic switching off of the saw.
The saw is operational only during the cutting phase

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It is one of the most used in construction sites so it can also cut Ytong, GasBeton and Cellular Concrete.

Main Feature

Manual bench push

The is very simple to use because it has a push feed through handles.


CCE 650 size

The most used on construction sites

This band saw was designed following the insertion of new blocks with heights above 50 cm and was immediately a success since it has a cutting height of 65 cm, workable cutting length of 66 cm and 71 cm width.