About us

Precision cutting for over 40 years

An experience handed down from father to son

EuroTSC has been a family-owned company for three generations.

Founded in 1977 by Tomasi Roberto as a precision workshop, it later expanded its core business, starting to produce band saws to cut wood and cellular concrete, certifying itself in Italy and Europe as an industry reference.



The Tomasi brothers found TSC SNC, a small precision mechanical workshop for turning, milling and light carpentry.


TSC designs and manufactures the first band saw for cutting wood.


Construction boom. TSC designs and manufactures a new band saw to cut gasbeton and poroton.


The company moved to the new and larger Ghedi plant, in via Artigianale 31/33.


EuroTSC was established


EuroTSC expands further. It rented a new warehouse, adjacent to the first one.

Sector innovators

EuroTSC’s distinctive trait is the research and design of unique and innovative components on the machines produced, capable of improving their performance and safety.

The continuous investment in new technologies, over the years, has allowed the company to optimise production processes and increase the number of machines produced, managing to internalise most of the work, today carried out by a team of workers specialised in the different painting, welding and bending tasks.



years of experience


sqm factory


sqm warehouse


band saws produced in 2022

Always aiming at the future

Since the introduction of the laser, when no one was yet using it, EuroTSC has distinguished itself for its foresight in investing in growth, new markets and technological innovation.


2023 witnessed the incorporation of a second warehouse, initially used as a warehouse, but destined to absorb the assembly and shipping phases, leaving the only carpentry activity in the historic warehouse.

New markets

The expansion of the organisation and the consequent increase in production are oriented to a potential development of the reference market, definitively crossing European borders to be able to sell this all-Italian excellence also in the rest of the world.

Technological innovation

The future of EuroTSC also includes Industry 4.0 and investments related to production automation. A goal definitely on target, but to be achieved in small steps, not before having reorganised internal product coding, warehouse and supply processes.

Certifications and patents

In an industry where safety certifications are the order of the day, the design of new machines and new components requires attention and an almost manic knowledge of regulations and related updates.

Over the years, EuroTSC has successfully designed and patented various components of the machines it manufactures both in the construction field and in the wood sector. The machines produced are, therefore, all certified and equipped with safety devices for the end user, in compliance with the requirements of the regulations.

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